Color Arranger

Important note on my add-ons I’ve (reluctantly) decided to stop supporting all my Apps Script add-ons, as I no longer have the time or inclination to put them through the various verification processes and upcoming […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Google Visualization API data

The source data colorTable we want to load to our database is currently in a Google Spreadsheet. With scriptDB, we can access it directly. However,  to load data into parse we need to use the google visualization query […]

From VBA to Google Apps Script

Color from ScriptDB

  In Playing around with GAS color and Playing around with colors in VBA we looked at how various color schemes could be stored and retrieved by Looking up color table. The trouble is that this table can get pretty […]


Visualizing tables

If you want to embed or publish Excel data to web pages, there are many solutions. Excel 2013 does fancy things with skydrive to share data, and there are plenty of activeX plugins and so […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Color Ramp useful scripts

Color manipulation library scripts First off for this project we are going to need to figure out how to manipulate colors in Google Apps Script. As per the approach in Roadmapper migration my objective is to make […]


Code for color scheme explorer

More color schemes The purpose of this app is to select related colors that appear in a predefined scheme (for example pantone matching system etc). That means I’m always looking for more color schemes. If […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Gas hosted scripts

In Color scheme explorer the main color processing scripts are hosted in Google Apps Script. There’s particular no reason to do this, except that it means that I can ensure I use the same algorithms in JavaScript as I do in GAS. Building […]


Data from

Deprecated has now become and i will be investigating it at a later stage. I am however leaving the page as if as you may still find it useful. Contact me if you […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Color scheme explorer

In this section, we’ll build an application that pulls together many concepts already covered elsewhere on this site. You can run it standalone at, or below, embedded in this page  The target application Pulling together Playing […]

Apps Script & Java Script

d3 and parse mashup

This is an interesting mashup of a number of topics covered on this site. The target is to build an app that Retrieves color scheme data from a database, much like the app in Color […]


Colorschemer API

  Now that the data from Query from GAS,  and Query scriptDB from GAS is populated in both and scriptDb, and we have the capability to Query from GAS and Query scriptDB from GAS, we can now pull […]


Excel dress up doll

Following on from Coloring maps and other shapes, here’s a bit of fun that takes the tables of Pantone colors of the year dealt with in  Selection of pantone ramps, and applies them to a […]


Alternative ramp layout

Alternative schemes showed Ramping color swatches using the Pantone spring 2013 collection colors as the ramp milestones. So far we’ve been laying out a linear ramp. How about a circular one? Luckily How to create a heatmap doughnut […]


Selection of pantone ramps

When I was writing the Color Fiesta section, I noticed a tweet about something called the Pantone Spring 2013 color collection. I had no idea how pantone worked, so I went off to find out if it […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Google Script Color Ramp

Project conversion We will use the Color ramp library  project as the basis for this migration. The complete code can be found here Google Apps Script Color Ramp workbook Status of conversion General libraries You can read about […]

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Creating one color ramp from another

Lets say that we want to create a circular color ramp, as used in How to create a heatmap doughnut chart, as in the example shown on the right This is actually 2 steps, using […]


How to create a heatmap doughnut chart

A doughnut chart is sometimes used to show relative category shares, like this. Doughnut (and pie)  charts have a bad press. It is generally difficult to see relativity between categories, and there is usually a […]


Alternative schemes

In  Ramping color swatches I showed how you count transition smoothly between colors by manipulation of the red, green and blue components of the source and target colors. I used some dulux paint color names to […]


Ramping color swatches

In Looking up color table I showed how to look up colors from a growing table of color models, in order to create color swatches. These show distinct colors with a hard stop between them, like this […]


Charts and color ramps

What can you learn here? ramp color scales using in surface charts brighten/darken Creating Charts with colorRamps Create a heatmap in Excel showed how to make charts using the heatmap color ramp. Now that we have […]


Create a heatmap in Excel

Creating heatmaps An easy way to create heatmaps is to use conditional formatting in your spreadsheet. However, we are going to look at creating heatmaps as an Excel Chart, and also to automatically create a […]


Color Fiesta

The mathematics of color is a complex and interesting topic. Here you’ll find Google Apps Script, VBA and javascript examples of color manipulation including finding the closest match to a given color in a defined color scheme, and the infamous heatmap doughnut chart. There are lots of references to color on this site, and it seems to be a subject second only to jSon in popularity […]


Coloring maps and other shapes

In Using Google Maps I covered how to create various web based interactive maps. Of course many would like to use Excel to create maps, and the topic of chorpleth maps, has been covered many times by […]


Color ramp library

What can you learn here? ramp color scales gradient between colors Use a ramp library Generalized Color Ramps If you read A tagCloud in Outlook, How to create a tag cloud or Create a heatmap in Excel you would have […]


Playing around with colors in VBA

There are a few items on this site that cover color ramps and other color manipulation topics. I’ve built up a few snippets on color management in VBA so I thought I should centralize them for easy […]


Looking up color table

In Playing around with colors in VBA I introduced the concept of a color table. This is just a list of a name and a matching hex color code in a big excel table. I have been […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Color Matching in GAS

I covered the mathematics of color matching in the VBA implementation in  Find nearest color match. This is the Google Apps Script implementation. I’ll be using the CIEDE2000 algorithm to measure the distance between colors. One thing I […]


Find nearest color match

Let’s say you have a color, and you want to find the closest match in defined color scheme set. The first problem is defining what closest means. It’s not a simple problem to solve. There […]


Color Schemes and palettes

These articles are abridged from my  book on Office to Apps migration. Going GAS, from VBA to Google Apps Script. Now available for directly from O’Reilly or Amazon. Many applications have their own names for colors in their palettes. This example […]