Alternative schemes showed Ramping color swatches using the Pantone spring 2013 collection colors as the ramp milestones. So far we’ve been laying out a linear ramp. How about a circular one?

Luckily How to create a heatmap doughnut chart could be used to layout both the scheme and its ramp.

Using Doughnut chart to show color ramps

Using the previous techniques and libraries described in Ramping color swatchesLooking up color tableAlternative schemes, and Playing around with colors in VBA it becomes more or less a one liner to create the chart below – which shows the label sections, their underlying colors and a circular ramp between them

Here’s the code for creating the diagram above, using the libraries in the cDataSet.xlsm workbook

Multiple column ramps


So how about showing multiple columns.
This time we are going to use the last 3 years Pantone fashion colors, as defined here
and we get this.. we can see the tone changing over the past 3 years.

Changing granularity


So that doesn’t really look to great, so we can change the plotting granularity parameter from the default of 300 to 1 and we get this.

The code for creating the diagram above using the libraries in the cDataSet.xlsm workbook is published earlier on this page