There are lots of references to color on this site, and it seems to be a subject second only to jSon  in popularity. In this section I’ll bring together some new and some older color related topics.

Note about color

Although color plays an important role in charting, and although I use Excel charts here it’s simply for their assistance in displaying colorful objects – I’m not advocating that the charts that follow are useful. It’s been said that colors are the least effective way of describing quantitative data, and I think that’s probably right. I’m just playing around with color.

Color topics

Alternative ramp layout

Alternative schemes showed Ramping color swatches using the Pantone spring 2013 collection colors as the ramp milestones. So far we’ve been laying …
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Alternative schemes

In  Ramping color swatches I showed how you count transition smoothly between colors by manipulation of the red, green and blue …
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Color Schemes and palettes

These articles are abridged from my  book on Office to Apps migration. Going GAS, from VBA to Google Apps Script. Now available for …
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Create a heatmap in Excel

Creating heatmaps   An easy way to create heatmaps is to use conditional formatting in your spreadsheet. However, we are …
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Excel dress up doll

Following on from Coloring maps and other shapes, here’s a bit of fun that takes the tables of Pantone colors …
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Find nearest color match

Let’s say you have a color, and you want to find the closest match in defined color scheme set. The …
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Looking up color table

In Playing around with colors in VBA I introduced the concept of a color table. This is just a list of a …
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Playing around with colors in VBA

  There are a few items on this site that cover color ramps and other color manipulation topics. I’ve built up a …
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Ramping color swatches

In Looking up color table I showed how to look up colors from a growing table of color models, in order to …
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Selection of pantone ramps

When I was writing the Color Fiesta section, I noticed a tweet about something called the Pantone Spring 2013 color collection. I …
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Visualizing tables

If you want to embed or publish Excel data to web pages, there are many solutions. Excel 2013 does fancy …
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