Update Nov2017
UPDATE:  parse.com as now been closed and moved to parseplatform.org. I will update the content of this page an move the back-end to this platform

This is an interesting d3.js and parse.com mashup of a number of topics covered on this site.

The target is to build an app that


Here’s a snap of the thing. Given an input color the parameters here will
  • Use the Pantone Fashion Home color scheme
  • Use the LABch color model
  • Create palettes for hue, saturation and lightness, consisting only of members of chosen scheme
  • Base the palettes on the 4 nearest in scheme colors to the target color
  • Pop up color parameter data on hovering over a color
  • Clicking on any color in the chart will cause it to be redrawn using the clicked on color as target.
  • Changing scheme will show the same chart, but based on the newly selected scheme


Live example here

The Code


For more about parse.com, see Parse.com

GAS code

The color manipulation modules are hosted on and served up by Google Apps Script. For more about color functions see Playing around with GAS color

For more color stuff, see Color Fiesta