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Handly helper for fiddler

If you use some of my libraries, you may have come across  the Fiddler class, which abstracts sheet data and provides a more functional way to manage data from multiple sheets in a Google Spreadsheet. […]

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Measuring sheet operation performance

Looking into how various operations perform as the size of the sheet increase provided some interesting data. The objective is to see whether the time to execute particular operations is directly proportional to the size […]

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Docs Specific

Getting insights into Sheets performance

Here’s a general purpose timer for wrapping functions without having to edit them to put timers around them. This is something I often have to do if tracking down performance problems, so I thought I’d […]

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Get data from the old Google sheets

It is all about Google Wire Connect to Google Docs Get live data into Excel Use data from Gadgets NOTE:  with the new Google Sheets, this method has been largely deprecated. There is a complete […]


Populating sheets with Rest responses

What can you learn here? Using cDataSet Using cRest Using cJobject Putting the Rest response on the sheets get it now Now that we have the tools to generate existing  or adhoc rest queries, let’s look at how the data […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Initializing the server

When you’re ready to start watching for changes, the server will emulate a change to get the whole ball rolling. Here’s the Server.init code, which will provoke a push back to the client with the […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Fusion and crossfilter

If you followed Do something useful with GAS in 5 minutes, you’ll already know how to use a spreadsheet as a database. This time we are going to get data from Fusion Tables, play around with […]

Database abstraction

Keys and data format

Many backends assign unique keys and other control information to data objects. In order to keep the results for a query compatible between backends, the driver has the responsibility to remove these. However there are […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Pushing changes from Google Sheets server to client

Detecting changes from an add-on sidebar or dialog You’ll find various techniques for this around this site, but they are all based on polling. This means that the client app running in the browser occasionally […]

API Specific

Sheets API – Developer Metadata

  Why Sheets Developer Metadata ? With Sheets API developer metadata, you can associate keys and data with a spreadsheet, sheet, row or column. Previously, if you wanted to ‘remember’ some data attribute, let’s say […]


Apps Script Add-ons

Here is an index of Apps Script Add-Ons and useful add-on stuff that are distributed around this site Check the menu bar for more add-ons covered on other modules but also listed under this category […]