NOTE – as of 20 Nov 2017, Ephemeral exchange is migrating to a Firestore/ Firebase cloud function back end. See Migrating from App Engine to Cloud function

Detecting changes from an add-on sidebar or dialog

You’ll find various techniques for this around this site, but they are all based on polling. This means that the client app running in the browser occasionally polls the Server and asks it to send back data about sheet being worked on. There is no simple way to have the Server contact the Client when it detects a change. That’s where Ephemeral exchange (efx), a cross platform cache, comes in. 


To standardize and tailor access for Sheets push notification, you can use this library, cSheetEfx which contains all you’ll need in one place.



All the code mentioned here is on github.

These pages will walk you through getting this set up.

Demo video

For more like this, see Google Apps Scripts snippets

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