cv-viz: Virus infection simulation with D3.js

The corona virus is with us, and naturally there’s much interest in data on its mortality, reach and spread, and of course much discussion on lockdowns, health capacity, social distancing and how they might affect […]


Focus node explorer with d3.js

There’s a lot of different things going on in this topic. Most of them have been covered before, and lead to this mashup, but I am introducing a new kind of d3 chart (for me […]


D3 force from GAS Site

In Site data to sheets i showed how to get basic data from Analyzing site content with GAS into Excel and Google Sheets. To be able to use Excel tables to d3.js Force diagram, we are going to focus on […]

Full Stack

Nice axis labels for React recharts using D3

Imagine you are creating a chart, but you don’t know what the time period is going to, nor how many observations there will be. Figuring out the axes scales,  based on the data presented, can […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Centering text in arc textpath with D3

You’d think this would be easier than it turned out to be. I want to do this. In other, words to use a textPath to label up an arc, then to center that label.   The obvious […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Zoomable Partition Charts

How to create a d3 zoomable partition chart straight from Excel. As always, acknowledgement to Mike Bostock on whose zoomable partition chart this is based.  A partition chart is a way of showong heirarchical data. The zoomable part is […]


Making sense of joins in D3

I come back to D3 about once every 6 months, and every single time I’ve forgotten how joins work. To avoid that next time, I’m writing it down to explain to myself, and hopefully you […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Developer information for d3.js force diagrams

To develop Excel applications that generate web pages incorporating d3.js force diagrams from Excel data, first read this Excel tables to d3.js Force diagram. You will also need to be familiar with How to use cDataSet and How to […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Adding markers to d3.js force diagrams

How to add markers to links In Excel tables to d3.js Force diagram I showed how to create a basic force diagram. Since that time, I’ve added the capability to add markers (arrows) to the end of […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Creating d3.js Tree diagrams

Acknowledgement d3.js is from Mike Bostok’s site. If you use any of this material, please be sure to maintain the acknowledgement for his work. I also found out how to create tree diagrams on Pavan Podila’s blog. […]


Big quiz score reports

‘m showing score reports for the BigQuiz app. This is an individual players score compared to the maximum he could have got as well as the number of questions that were correctly answered, and also comparing […]


Quick doughnut and pie charts with a radial timer

If you’ve been trying out the Configurable circular timer with D3 or playing around with Example of clock using d3 configurable timer you’ll have seen how easy it is to create a versatile timer by just configuring a few […]


Configurable circular timer with D3

I don’t use jQuery, neither in regular webapps nor in Apps Script HtmlService apps. No particular reason – I just prefer to use vanilla JavaScript. I often use d3.js, mainly for visualization as in these examples elsewhere […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Color scheme explorer

In this section, we’ll build an application that pulls together many concepts already covered elsewhere on this site. You can run it standalone at xliberation.com, or below, embedded in this page  The target application Pulling together Playing […]

Apps Script & Java Script

d3 and parse mashup

This is an interesting mashup of a number of topics covered on this site. The target is to build an app that Retrieves color scheme data from a parse.com database, much like the app in Color […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Configurable canvas meter

Here’s a very simple, but nice looking meter in JavaScript. It’s configurable for a number of uses. There’s no need for any css (styling is by configuration) or additional libraries (it uses Chroma-js), as everything […]


Chord Snip

Chord snip is an add-on for Google Sheets that creates a Chord diagram as you type, gives you the SVG code to embed it in a web site and the ability to embed it in […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Sankey diagrams from Excel

Acknowledgement Much of the javaScript and d3.js came from Mike Bostok’s site. If you use any of this material, please be sure to maintain the acknowledgement for his work. There have been a few features added […]