Google Fusion Big Data and D3 integration: flight data visualization

In Flight Data from Fusion I introduced integration between Google Fusion and D3.js. This next version fixes up a few issues to do with Google Fusion API quotas and limits (see exponential backoff and jquery promises), and adds a few more usuability features.

The app collects a bunch of flight data (all of US air traffic for 2012) and visualizes the route and carrier data using d3.js.

Here’s a screen shot

Hover over the cities or routes to get carrier , route or city information. Click on a particular city to freeze its routes, and see which are the best carriers.


This is a visualization of about 1 million rows of data, taken directly from Google Fusion, and I think it demonstrates the viability of Fusion as a live source of big data for integration with libraries such as D3. There is still a lot of potential in presenting this data, and I’ll be updating it from time to time.

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