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Handly helper for fiddler

If you use some of my libraries, you may have come across  the Fiddler class, which abstracts sheet data and provides a more functional way to manage data from multiple sheets in a Google Spreadsheet. […]

Apps Script v8

Apps Script V8: Keystore for global space

One of the challenges with Apps Script V8 compared to Rhino is that you can’t be sure of the order of global variable initialization. Personally, this is not an issue for me, as I avoid […]

Apps Script v8

Apps Script V8: Arraybuffers and Typed arrays

Apps Script V8 implements ArrayBuffers and Typed arrays from ES6. If you’ve used Apps Script Crypto Utilities or done any work with Blobs, then this is what’s going on behind the scenes, now exposed as […]

Apps Script v8

Apps Script V8: Maps and Sets

Apps Script V8 implements a couple of useful new ES6 structures – Maps and Sets. Here’s what they are and how to use them Maps and Sets: What are they? These are a collection of […]

Apps Script v8

Apps Script V8: Template literals

V8 adds template literals from  JavaScript ES6. Template literals: What are they? It’s a shorthand way of using a template into which variables are substituted in a string. This allows for better reuse of string […]

Apps Script v8

Apps Script V8: spreading and destructuring

Apps Script V8 adds destructuring from  JavaScript ES6. Legacy Apps Script already had destructuring of arrays added fairly recently, but v8 gives full a destructuring capability. Destructuring: What is it? It’s a way of plucking […]

Apps Script v8

JavaScript V8 Arrow functions, this and that

Function declarations versus arrow functions JavaScript V8 adds the arrow function declarator from modern JavaScript. This is a handy shorthand but it’s more than just that. There are some behavioral differences too that you’ll need […]

Apps Script v8

JavaScript V8 variable scopes

var, const and let One of the key things that V8 has sorted out is the scope of variables. Using var to declare variables meant that anything declared within the scope of a function could […]

Apps Script

Apps Script v8

Apps script now supports JavaScript ES6 Apps Script V8 now supports the same modern JavaScript you can use when writing for the browser. Up until now, you had to write in a dialect of JavaScript-based […]

Apps Script Specific

Apps Script const scoping problems

Apps Script is based on ES3 JavaScript, with quite a few additions from ES5 and even ES6. In this article we’ll take a look at the implementation of const, and let which were introduced in […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Complete Apps Script Applications

I’ve found that I have completed applications lying around the site, with no good way of finding them. I’m starting this section to walk through complete Apps Script Applications, which cover a number of concepts. […]