Vuejs and Vuetify – what does v-on mean

Many things in Vuetify and Vuejs are hard to come to grips with, but for me, none more so that the very odd property v-on and its relationship to v-slot:activator Two things that helped me see […]

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API Specific

Migrating user and script properties

The old UserProperties and ScriptProperties services have been deprecated and replaced by the new PropertiesService. In the old service, a user property was available from all scripts to a particular user, and a script property […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Column numbers to characters

This is a very small Apps Script snippet to generate column addresses from column numbers that can be useful in things like Sheet Addons. For example 1 gives A, 27 – AA, 703 – AAA […]

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Microsoft Office & VBA

Which VBA references you are using

VBA references Quite often you need to add some reference to be able to get some code to compile. This is because the code is referencing some external object that the Excel VBA does not […]

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Excel Comment shapes

What can you learn here? Interrupt comments Change shape characteristics Add timestamp Modifying the behavior of Cell Comment Processing Download now This article shows some techniques to interrupt the processing of cell comments in Excel […]


Sorting Collections

Sorting collections is something you might need to do. In this example, we’ll use the cMyClass object we created in Get Started Snippets to demonstrate sorting a collection of objects and how to use recursion to sort the object’s […]

Integrating VBA and Javascript

Getting started with VBA

Although I’m not planning to go through a VBA tutorial (there are plenty of them out there far superior than anything I would do), it is clear that a many people do not actually know […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Deduce column headings from rest Query

In Rest to Excel library there are plenty of examples of populating sheets from rest queries. Usually you simply name the columns to match the data you want to extract and you are good to go. However, you […]


One Liners

What can you learn here? Using ramblings libraries Short code snippets Abbreviated explanations Complex stuff in a few lines of code  get it now This section is going to cover how to do complex stuff in […]

Microsoft Office & VBA

jSon and Dynamic Forms

  Now we know how about Hiding data in Excel Objects, Excel JSON conversion and Dynamic Forms let’s combine all that as an enhancement to the Roadmap Generation project. The objective is to embed traceability data in the generated roadmap shapes so […]

Google API


If you are a ‘recursion newbie’, you may want to first read Getting started with recursion, or take a look at a real, but simple example with How to traverse a treeview Getting to grips with recursion […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Google Apps Script snippets

There are many Google Apps Script projects and snippets scattered around this site. I’m going to try to organize them in this page, but it will take a while. If you find something on the […]