Note that this uses scriptDB which has now been deprecated. I haven’t yet got round to changing the backend. Please check back later.
In using scriptDB as a noSQL database, I showed how to do queries on a scriptDB as if it were a REST API. Since these blister lists are just data in a scriptDB, we can use the exact same thing to get lists into other software such as web apps, Excel – anything that can deal with JSON in fact.
There is no change to the syntax described in scriptDB as a noSQL database. We can use it as is.

Here’s an example.


Of course the example above is prettified, so we need to call the underlying, unprettifying script
If you need a callback just add &callback=yourfunction

The format of the query is simply some json – using query by example.

source=scriptdb (mandatory)
module=blister (mandatory)
library=blister(the name of the library)
query=some jSon
The query format then would be, {“package”:{“name”:”the name of the list”}}
results.package.items[] is the data, and results.package.keys[] are the list headers.
All comments, suggestions, assistance, good lists are welcome as I develop this capability. You can get me on Google plus, Twitter or this forum.