Update Nov2017
UPDATE:  parse.com as now been closed and moved to parseplatform.org. I will update the content of this page an move the back-end to this platform

First up we’ll query the colortable  created in Updating parse.com, using the parse REST API. We can’t use the javaScript API in dome way from GAS, because it’s not caja compliant – if it were, we might be able to approach it in the same way as in Updating parse.com.

Nevertheless it’s pretty straightforward – here’s the parse specific code. The colors can be selected by scheme, label, name, code and key parameters. 

It needs a few basic utility functions as used all over on this site from the mcpher shared library, and you would also need to create a function to get your own parse.com keys that would look something like this

Here is the common query code shared between the parse and the scriptdb version.
It’s worth a few words on the queryArray() function of the cParseCom object. In order to harmonize the number of fetches required to get a lot of data between parse and scriptdb (so they can be compared), I’m using this method to handle getting the data in batches, up to the limit specified. This also gets over any default limits by either approach. Here’s the code – its simply returns an array of size (limit) or everything matching if limit is 0. It handles the batching up process in the same way as its equivalent in the scriptDB silo object.

The results

I had created an app that is not working anymore due to parse.com having moved. I am publishing the code below should you want to adapt it with your own parse server and until I update my pages with the latest API.


You can get jSonp also by specifying a callback parameter. This will get the first two entries from the dulux color scheme, using parse.com as the provider

For more about parse.com, see Parse.com

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