scraperWiki: scraping the scraper into Excel and Google Docs

In this post about using the scraperwiki API I covered how to get a list of publicly available scraperWiki data straight into Excel and Google Apps Script.

Now you can get the associated data too with just a one liner like this

Public Sub testScraperWikiInput()
    testScraperWikiData InputBox("shortname?")
End Sub

This means that not only is data that others have published  now accessible easily though an API, but any data you create in scraperWiki and store in its dataStore can also be directly loaded in to Excel. I guess this means you can create a REST API for your data without actually needing to create one…

Here’s some data from a random scraperWiki public dataset

To see how to this and to download the required libraries, see getting data out of scraperWiki

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