Using universal analytics to track your Google Apps Script library usage

In Analytics and GAS libraries I described how I had started to use Google Universal Analytics to track what usage was being made of Google Apps Script Libraries (and even desktop based libraries for Excel).

A couple of months ago, I released libraries to allow database abstraction for Google Apps Script, which I instrumented for UA measurement from the start. Database abstraction provides a consistent vocabulary to access a collection of diverse database or database like backends from GAS, and now it’s been out there for a month or so, here are the most popular backends and operations over the past 4 weeks..

We’ve had over 200,000 API sessions, and 600,000 API calls – 15,000 a day. This probably underestimates the total volume since there is an option to turn UA off. The most popular backends are Sheets and, and not surprisingly, querying makes up the bulk of the operation types.

The top 20

I use the same UA property for a few libraries (here’s why), but this is almost all db library.


You can read more about  instrumenting for Universal Analytics and database abstraction for Google Apps Script at the desktop liberation site.

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