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Arguments to procedures in VBA can be optional, and optionally they can have a default value. For example

Public Function create(par As cDataRow, colNum As Long, rCell As Range, _
            Optional keepFresh As Boolean = False, _
            Optional v As Variant) As cCell 

We can also test for the presence of a variant argument by using isMissing(). See Getting Started with argument passing for how all this works in VBA

If IsMissing(v) Then
        pValue = rCell.Value
        pValue = v
    End If

In javaScript though, all arguments are optional. Consider this

function a ( arg1, arg2) {  ... }

There would be no complaints if you called this function with 0, 1 or 2 arguments, but how to detect what was passed? Let’s assume that arg1 was an object.

if(!arg1) { ... }

would be good enough to test if a had been passed with a valid object address, but if arg1 was, say a boolean, and had the value false, then !a would yield the same result as if arg1 was not present. So we need another way.  Since javaScript will convert to a string to compare to another string, comparing a missing value against a string will cause it to be converted to ‘undefined’. We can leverage this as below to detect a missing argument.

if (arg1 == 'undefined' ) {... arg was missing ...}

However, this would fall apart if ‘undefined’ was a valid value for arg1.

typeof Operator to test for optional/missing argument

Luckily we can use the typeof operator instead.

if (typeof arg1 == 'undefined') {... arg was missing ...}

Since we are going to be using this a lot, let’s make a convenient function of it

function isUndefined ( arg) {
  return typeof arg == 'undefined';

So in future we can conveniently say,

if (isUndefined(arg1)) {...arg1 was missing .. }

And to minimize conversion, do a vbaHack of

function IsMissing(arg1) {
    return isUndefined (arg1);

Dealing with default value for optional argument

We are going to convert an existing VBA project, though, so it’s still going to be a pain to deal with each optional argument, especially if it has an optional parameter. Here’s a generalized function we can use to deal with missing arguments and their default value

function fixOptional (arg, defaultValue) {
  if (isUndefined(arg) ){
    if (isUndefined(defaultValue) ) 
      MsgBox('programming error: no default value for missing argument');
    return defaultValue;
    return arg;

and here is how we use it it

function x ( par , colNum, rCell, keepFresh, v){
  // deal with optional parameters
  this.value = fixOptional ( v , rCell ); 

Transitioning is covered more comprehensively in my my book, Going Gas – from VBA to Apps script.

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