Connections in electoral data – D3 and VBA follow on from oUseful post

Yesterday I showed how to do some data wrangling in VBA and Google Apps Script that Tony Hirst on his oUseful blog had done using scraperwiki, Open refine plus various APIs. Today he posted a quick analysis using gephi and scraperwiki on which candidates supported each other in a local Election.

Here’s how to do the same thing using VBA and D3.js.

The whole thing

I already have all the components – scraperwiki to Excel and creating d3.js force diagrams from Excel. So I just needed a couple of lines of code to pull it all together.


and here’s the result

You can see it live here

.. created from this data (candidates who supported other candidates) retrieved from scraperwiki

oh .. and of course we need to tweak a few parameters, as described in d3.js force diagrams from Excel.



You can find the code by downloading the cDataSet.xlsm workbook from Excel liberation. It’s in the scraperWiki module,  the supportElection and d3allparameters tab.
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