and d3.js mashup

Today’s post pulls together a number of concepts I’ve been playing around with lately. As usual my source data and post theme is based on data associated with color schemes – pantone, paint colors etc as I’ve covered in numerous posts, including this one

The main components are –

Here’s a snap of the kind of chart created



This is just a mashup to play around with some of these components of course, but you could use this for example, to create palettes built on specific color schemes. It works by calculating the nearest colors to a given target that exist in a given scheme, and then creates various palettes for each one – selecting colors that exist in the scheme that are closest to the ideal color calculated for the palette

Livc Example

You can play around with the live example here, by changing some of the parameters, or hovering over or clicking on some color in the chart

The full story and the code can be found on the xLiberation site.

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