In Getting data out of scraperWiki I showed how to get data into Excel or Google Docs from scraper wiki public data. I thought i may as well start an occasional directory of interesting scrapes I came across.

Of course these are scrapes created by others so the may not be right, or may disappear, or stop working, however i thought it might be fun in any case. You can execute any of these by downloading cdataset.xlsm (or taking a copy of the equivalent google apps script example) and providing the scraperwiki short code in the scraperwikidata tab.

I’ll be adding to this list from time to time. If you are a scraperwiki author and would like your data to be added to (or removed from) this list, please let me know through our forum

 Scraper Wiki Short Name  Description
interpol_wanted_persons  List of names, descriptions, photos, links etc of internationally wanted people
 318_decc_speeches  uk government speeches content and details
 us-states_1  list of US states, along with their short codes and numbers
 relief_web_disasters_timeline  list of disasters along with dates and details
 marriage_equality_scraper  list of UK members of parliament opinions on marriage equality  
 paralympic_athletes_london_2012  list of paralympic atheletes in London 2012

Here’s a short extract from the first one. Thanks to S Woodard for publishing the scraper

scraperWiki is a very powerful tool with which you can create your own datasets, as well as access public datasets of others,  and get them into Excel or see Scraperwiki data to Google Docs. Take a look at how the Excel Rest Library for more like this.