if this then that… for vampires

I came across ifttt.com (if THIS then THAT) the other day. Essentially it’s a simple way creating a trigger based on some event such as tweet mentioning you, or a facebook upload (THIS) and so on which will then cause some action to be taken (send an sms, tweet something etc.) (THAT)

It is ridiculously simple to use. You go through a dialogue selecting the THIS and the THAT from a selection of Icons and it happens.

here’s a couple of examples

this one will tweet an excerpt for each new blog post you create.

and for Vampires – this one will send  an SMS 15 minutes before sunset.

I think this has a lot of potential – the user interface is very easy, and there are already quite a number of THIS’s and THAT’s and I noticed on their site that they are interested in new APIS.


btw – it worked here’s the tweet it generated after I posted this
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