I’m awarding badges – Google Apps Script integration with Persona and Mozilla Openbadges

There is now a new Mozilla Web API that you can find here. My codes don’t work anymore but you can adapt them. I am publishing some below

I’m finally awarding  Mozilla Open Badges through a  complete badge environment that handles questions, marking, badge assertion, persona authentication and Mozilla backpack awards. I introduced this in a previous post, but now that I’ve added the last stage of Persona and Mozilla integration, you can actually move these badges into your openbadges backpack.

It ended up being a bit of mashup of various technologies, but the main one is Google Apps Script and ScriptDB to handle the award and badge management, with a jQuery panel that can be embedded in any blog or web page.

Most of the code is in a library, so the amount of code needed to implement your own environment is minimal. Look out for a step by step guide soon.

To see how you would earn a badge, click on one of the badges on the below right, and take the associated quiz.

The panel on the right is just an iframe with this embedded link.


The panelset id is all that’s needed to defined the  set of badges to show, along with their associated questions. Click on a badge to take a quiz.

For more information on how all this works, and to see this embedded in Google Sites see Excel Liberation.


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