Since the 50’s, there has been an annual song contest involving many European countries. It’s a fairly bizarre event, but one of the most interesting things about it is the voting system. Countries vote for each other’s songs – they can give their top 10 songs 1-8, 10, and 12 points. Most of the time in the contest is taken up with the voting process (although they have streamlined it a bit in the past few years), and it’s fascinating to watch the political landscape in Europe being played out in the voting. For example Greece and Cyprus always give each other maximum points, the Nordic countries always vote for each other,  the large Turkish immigrant population in Germany means that Turkey always gets high votes from Germany, which are not really reciprocated. 

All this makes a for rich source of visualization data. I had to take the data from a few different places, so there may be a few gaps or inaccuracies. Please let me know on our forum if you find any.

The visualization

Here’s a live visualization.