cProcProfiler. Start(Section As String, Optional ProcName As String = “Not given”, Optional pLevel As ptLevels = ptLevelLow)


Starts a timing section that will last until the Finish or Pause method is executed. The first time it is called for a given section it will create a cProcTimer class. The total time is added to each time the  start finish section is executed and the number of iterations reported will be the number of times 

start – finish section has been passed through. This means that, for example putting start & finish outside a control loop would give a similar total time to putting it inside the control loop but the number of iterations, max, min and average section times reported would be different.


  • Section – the name of the Code section. This is the key through which you access this in all future interactions, and the name against which timing results will be reported
  • Procname – the name of the procedure in which this code section is being timed. This is purely informational, and will be reported in the results. 
  • pLevel – this is depth of level of profiling this section sits at. When you initialize the profiler, you can optionally set the highest level you want to be reported on. This allows you to leave profiling code in your procedures, but control when it gets executed depending on the level of depth you choose for your profiler to go to, including no profiling at all
    •     ptLevelLow
    •     ptLevelMedium
    •     ptLevelHigh

  • none
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