Project conversion

We will use the Roadmap Generation project as a model for learning how to take an existing, complex project and convert it from VBA to Google Apps Script. This is implemented as a one liner in your document . All the roadmapper code is in the mcpher google apps script library. You can get a sample roadmapper workbook here.

function testRoadMapper() {
  return mcpher.actRoadMapper("RoadmapParameters","InputData");

Status of conversion

It’s now completed.

  1. General libraries
    1. You can read about these in From VBA to Google Apps Script, and get the mcpher library references and details on how to use at Creating a Google Apps Script Library
  2. Migrated modules and classes
    1. Finished Roadmapper Script
    2. Data manipulation Classes in Google Apps Script
    3. Google Apps Script Roadmapper code You can find the code and test data in the VBA to Google Apps Script Roadmapper project download, and in the mcpher library

Next Steps

Take a look at  From VBA to Google Apps Script to follow along with other conversion projects. In the meantime why not join our forum, follow the blog or follow me on twitter to ensure you get updates when they are available.

Transitioning is covered more comprehensively in my book, Going Gas – from VBA to Apps script.