WhatTheTrend twitter top 10 added to Excel cRest library

What’s trending on twitter to Excel
In a previous entry, I described how to add new entries to the rest-Excel library.
Here’s another new library entry. WhatTheTrend provide an API for twitter watching. You can use this to get the data straight into Excel.
Here’s the code
Public Sub testWhatTheTrend()
    generalReport restQuery _
        ("whatthetrend", "whatthetrend", , , , , , , , , True) _
        , True
End Sub
Here’s the populated sheet
WhatTheTrend data returned to an Excel Sheet
You could use this to automate collecting daily trending topics for example.
The full code along with the other rest library examples can be downloaded in the cDataSet workbook, which is  one of the projects on the ramblings website.
I’ll be adding more to this library from time to time as I come across useful APIS. If you would like to see one implemented, tell me about it at the ramblings forum.
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