You all know that trying to minimize calls to the spreadsheet API from Apps Script can dramatically speed things up. Let’s take a look at hiding and showing rows and columns, where we’re starting from a list of row/column numbers we want to operate on.

Let’s say we have arrays like this.

Hide these rows

Unhide these

(Note that my row number 0 is the first row of data after the column headings – so in Apps Script terms – row 0 is rowIndex 2.)

The obvious way would be

But that would mean making 21 API calls, and not taking advantage of the second argument to hideRows and showRows – the number of rows to hide/show.

So better if we could find a way of optimizing the array so that we minimize the number of calls by making use of consecutive row numbers. Here’s a function to do that.

Which transforms our arrays into this.

So now we call the API only 10 times rather than 21.

Does it make a difference ?
Heres’ the optimized version .. just over 2 seconds.

And the unoptimized version .. just under 8 seconds.

With just that small sample, we see a 4x improvement. In Apps Script, performance matters a lot if you don’t want to hit quota limits.

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