In Getting insights into Sheets performance I mentioned that I was taking a look under the covers of Sheets to see how performance is doing and introduced a useful function for timing stuff. The first thing to recognize though is that today’s Sheets performance is like night and day compared to the early days.

However, custom functions (which I tend to steer clear of) are still pretty poor. So what’s going on?

This small custom formula, which doesn’t call any services, and just does a little string manipulation shouldn’t take any time to run.

Using my timing function on a sheet I can test how long it takes to process called as a custom function

and each cell had the formula, dragged down through a few rows.

The results are below

1437738801681 1437738801682 1
1437738801347 1437738801347 0
1437738801086 1437738801087 1
1437738800794 1437738800795 1
1437738801077 1437738801077 0
1437738801836 1437738801836 0
1437738801603 1437738801604 1
1437738802069 1437738802069 0
1437738800956 1437738800957 1
1437738801046 1437738801046 0
1437738801378 1437738801378 0
1437738801289 1437738801290 1
1437738801730 1437738801731 1
1437738801590 1437738801590 0
1437738801691 1437738801691 0
1437738801733 1437738801734 1
1437738800946 1437738800947 1
1437738800660 1437738800661 1
1437738801395 1437738801395 0
1437738801774 1437738801774 0
1437738801825 1437738801825 0
1437738801901 1437738801902 1
1437738802077 1437738802078 1
1437738800701 1437738800701 0
1437738801377 1437738801377 0

As expected each function took 0-1 milliseconds to run, but overall the elapsed time on 25 rows was 1500 milliseconds, rather than 25 milliseconds

Plotting the start times of each function execution, I can see that mostly nothing was happening in terms of running functions. In fact I’ve had to exaggerate the dots which represent processing time, just to be able to see them

Clearly the execution time is not much to do with the custom function itself, but rather the server conversations needed to run each one.

Using Array formulas to eliminate processing gaps

Rewriting the custom function now to handle ArrayFormulas

And testing..

and calling it like this

The function only runs once, eliminating all those inter function delays, and does all the work in 6 milliseconds.

The lesson here is that you should always write your custom functions to handle array formulas (which will process a range all in one go), rather than calling the function repeatedly by dragging down a single cell formula.

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