Implementing a roadmapper as Google Visualization gadget

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This is the standard way to do charts in Google Docs, as well as being easily embedabble in web pages. In a previous post  I started thinking about the migration path to Google Docs from Excel, and wondered if the scripting capability in Google Docs would give me what I need. Looking a bit more into that, I realized that gadgets give the possibility of becoming platform independent (if you consider javascript & html & using the google jsapi to be platform independent), especially since I have a tool to format Excel data as if it came from Google Docs. This means that the Google Docs scripting can be largely avoided, and we can stick to regular javascript and web presentation.

Implementing Excel Roadmapper as gadget
To see how this would work out, I took a roadmapper tool written in VB and started to port it to Javascript, with a view to making a gadget out of it. I decided to rely as much as possible on CSS for formatting and layout, as opposed to porting the parameter driven approach from Excel. It has gone fairly smoothly so far (although I haven’t ported the complete functionality), with most time being spent on messing around with style sheets. The source can be downloaded from here.

The next step is to wrap that up in a gadget.Let’s see how that works out.

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