I’ve just been recognised as a Google Developer Expert

I learned last week that I had been bestowed the honor of membership of the Google Developer Experts (GDE) program.

It’s a great feeling to have your work recognised in this way, even though I do feel a little out of place in the company of the august group who make up the current GDE community. GDEs are a small, but enthusiastic group who share a passion for the family of Google APIs and products, and give generously of their time to share their knowledge and ideas with others.

When I started toying with Google Apps Script a couple of years ago I never imagined it would develop such great capability – if you are not familiar with the new add-ons, for example, take a look to see just how far it has come.

I’m planning to continue to search out interesting (and even useful) things to do with Apps Script and other APIS, and I hope you will continue to find this blog and related site, and the various other channels of some help in your journey to the cloud.

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I am a Google Developer Expert and decided to investigate Google Apps Script in my spare time. The more I investigated the more content I created so this site is extremely rich. Now, in 2019, a lot of things have disappeared or don’t work anymore due to Google having retired some stuff. I am however leaving things as is and where I came across some deprecated stuff, I have indicated it. I decided to write a book about it and to also create videos to teach developers who want to learn Google Apps Script. If you find the material contained in this site useful, you can support me by buying my books and or videos.