Using Google Apps Script with Google Sites

This site was hosted on Google Sites but I decided not long ago to migrate it to WordPress. Although Sites has improved significantly since I started to use it, it is still very restrictive in what you can do. I also had valid concerns about the SEO effectiveness of redirecting domains to google sites. It seems that although Google indexes it very well, Bing (and therefore Yahoo) does not, and you can’t seem to get a DMOZ listing for a redirected site. I am leaving the content as is for those of you who have now migrated to the new Google Site in the hope that you will find some content useful. All may not be relevant anymore or you may have to tweak some things to make them work with the new Sites version. 

Google Apps Script

When my site was on Google Sites, I set myself the challenge to see what we could do with GAS. The normal usage is to write various scripts to enhance the experience on the site, and no doubt I’ll do some of that, but first I’m going to create a webapp to access the site content.

Analyzing site content with GAS

One the things I wanted to play around with was visualizing this site content with d3. But first I needed to ...
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d3 concept browser

In Node focus on Blogger posts and Node focus explorer without excel I showed how you might browse sites by connected topic, rather than ...
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D3 force from GAS Site

In Site data to sheets i showed how to get basic data from Analyzing site content with GAS into Excel and Google Sheets. To ...
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End to end analysis, Excel and explorer

This is a blog post of which the excerpt is below. Click on the title to read the full post.  ...
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Focus node explorer with d3.js

There's a lot of different things going on in this topic. Most of them have been covered before, and lead ...
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Node focus explorer without excel

Up till now we've been considering a solution for Focus node explorer with d3.js that leverages massaging the data from ...
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Node focus on Blogger posts

In Node focus explorer without excel I showed a d3.js app that could navigate a google site using tags and nodes. This was actually pretty generalized, ...
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Scheduling GAS

We looked at how to create a json file on Google Drive containing the analysis of a google site in Analyzing ...
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Site data to sheets

In Analyzing site content with GAS I showed how to analyze a Google Site and get the data as json, or file ...
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And a blog post on Exploring blogs and sites by D3 tag visualization.

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