Mapping Data straight out of Excel

Excel and Google Maps.
Following my previous posts comparing the geoCoding capabilities of Yahoo, Bing and Google Maps I have now implemented Adding markers to google Maps straight from an Excel Table. As usual this is fully functional Excel application you can download and use.

Please take a look and give us some feedback on the excel ramblings forum

Next I will take a look at how easy it is to implement the same thing on google Maps, Bing and Yahoo.

OVI maps
I did want to include OVI maps in this comparison, but I could not find the REST Url for geoCoding. Anybody know it? Either it is very well hidden or it doesn’t exist.

Egghead Cafe Article
I quite often contribute articles to For those of you who were interested in the article on comparison of geoCoding providers on Excel Ramblings Site, you may want to take a look at this one on the same theme on Egghead Cafe.



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