Roadmapper now hosted on google Code

Using google code to host projects

I moved the gadget and associated code to hoping to host it there. If you have never done this, it is somewhat complex. It can be found here. Some of the issues I came across were

  • Projects hosted there are expected to be open source. The most difficult task was selecting which open source license to use. In the end I decided to use Mozilla.
  • I hadn’t been using subversion. Google code expects either subversion or mercurial for source code management. After a false start with Mercurial (which I cant now remove from Eclipse, I settled on subversion. That works ok – but was not easy to set up, mainly due to my greenness.
  • I’m using tortoisesvn to manage the source code loading to the google repository. That was a nice find to avoid using the command line subversion approach.
  • Once all was setup, I hit a problem – google code serves files as plain text MIME. That meant that my style sheets were not being treated as text/css and therefore were not being executed. Luckily I found this write up on how to change that behavior using turtle SVN.
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