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From VBA to Google Apps Script

Page Rank REST API from Excel and Google Apps Script

I haven’t posted anything on new entries to the rest-excel-gas library for a while. As I mentioned in this post the library itself is available as a rest query. There have been quite a number of new APIs added […]

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Microsoft Office & VBA

Over 100 versions of cDataSet

I just added a couple of things to cDataSet.xlsm and noticed that I had done this over 100 times. During the same time period, visits to where this is hosted have gone like this The top […]

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Shopping with

I’ve recently started to use to pull together updates from this blog and the related site, along with anything else I find interesting or useful. It really is a nice way to curate things to […]

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Apps Script & Java Script

visualizing system integrations using d3.js (straight from Excel)

I’ve written about d3.js force diagrams, mapping tweet sentiments, , d3.js trees, Sankey diagrams and various other stuff on the ramblings site all of which show how to create d3.js diagrams directly from simple Excel data. This is settling […]

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Huffington Post polls results directly into Excel

I noticed this morning that Huffington post released a REST API exposing all their polling results. I’ve added that to the Excel-Rest library so you can get the results of all their polls directly into […]