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Apps Script & Java Script

Integrate VBA with Github

VBAGit After Getting your apps scripts to Github I thought I’d have a go at doing something similar for VBA. If you are reading this, you’ll know that it’s very difficult to manage shared code, […]

Google Authentication

OAuth2 for Apps Script in a few lines of code

When I first started working with OAuth2, some years ago it was super complicated. Since that time, Apps Script has added a few capabilities which makes it possible to create a library with a minimal […]

APIS and techniques

Google Cloud Platform

This collection of articles deal with various Google Cloud Platform APIS. The full content is below. It is part of a project that I will document at a later stage The next section is a […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Going GAS

These articles are abridged from my book on Office to Apps migration. Going GAS, from VBA to Google Apps Script. Now available directly from O’Reilly or Amazon. JSON web tokens – how to create JWT from Apps Script. Includes a […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Google Apps Script snippets

There are many Google Apps Script projects and snippets scattered around this site. I’m going to try to organize them in this page, but it will take a while. If you find something on the […]

Cloud Functions

Going Serverless with Firebase

Ephemeral Exchange is a cross platform cache that allows you to share transient data across a range of platforms without the need for authentication, but by sharing access keys between participants. The code is open source, […]