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CdataSet is a block of cCell consisting of a collection of  cDataRow, with an abstraction of a collection of cDataColumn The sid argument refers to the column either by column name or number and the rowID refers to the particular row by number, or by name if labels have been enabled when the data set was created. Where both sid and rowid are optional and omitted the complete dataset is operated on. if one or the other is omitted, then the referenced cDataColumn or cDataRow is operated on. Where both sid and rowID are present the cCell they address in the cDataSet is operated on.

For example

cDataSet.Refresh() will refresh the entire dataset, and cDataSet.cells(“London”,”Area”).value or cDataSet.rows(“london”).cell(“Area”).value would return a single cell.

 There are generally multiple ways to get to a single cell – for example, these are all equivalent  x= ds.value("london","area")  x= ds.rows("london").cell("Area").value x= ds.columns("Area").cell("london").value 


This is a column of cCell . The rowId argument refers to the row either by row name (where we have enabled labels) or a row number. Where rowId optional and omitted the complete column is operated on. Where rowId is present the the cCell it addresses in the cDataColumn is operated on. 

For example

cDataColumn.Refresh will refresh the entire column, and cDataColumn(“South”).Refresh or cDataColumn(22)would refresh a single cell. In other words,cDataColumn(201).Refreshis equivalentto cDataColumn(201).Cell.Refresh

 You can find the methods and properties documentation on github.

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