Google Visualizations on Google Map infoWindows and Google Earth Balloons

Google Visualizations on Google Map infoWindows and Google Earth Balloons

A few weeks ago I wrote about generating data driven mapping applications straight out of Excel, with no javaScript required (by you anyway). It has generated quite a bit of interest on the ramblings web site.
I wondered if I could take the idea a little further and do the same thing using google Earth as the provider. I’ve just released that today. You can download the workbook – googleMapping.xlsm, but here are a couple of links to the generated applications.
The only difference when generating the application from Excel is to choose the provider.
The Earth version gives the opportunity to fly between locations, and looks beautiful.
Google Earth Version.
Here’s the map version
Google Maps Version.
Take a look at the detail behind this on the ramblings site. or ask questions on our forum.
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