Google API

infoBox for google Map popups

What is the infoBox An infoBox is an enhanced infoWindow. Details can be found here . I will be converting the Google Maps modules on this site to use the infoBox rather than the native Google Maps […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Using Google Visualization DataTables

javaScript:creating google visualization DataTables This relates to Data Driven Mapping applications and the Javascript HowTo section Google Visualization Tables I have covered Google Visualization in various forms with an ‘Excel slant’ on this site. Let’s take a look […]

Google API

Encoding client keys for Maps

If you have a business account for Google Mapping, you’ll need to provide your client id and crypto key. These things are meant to be kept private, so I did not provide a mechanism for […]

Integrating Excel with Maps and Earth

Using Google Earth – creating KML files

Plotting markers on on a Google Earth This article will cover how to create a basic KML file so that your Excel data can be mapped on Google Earth. There is a more advanced implementation […]

Google API

Adding flight paths to Maps

Overlaying polyLines to make flight paths on google markers This article will cover how to add flight paths to Google Maps. For a quickstart, see Step by Step Guides Try it out first ? If you […]

Google API

Quicklinks and Categories

Navigating using quicklinks and categories Try it out first ? For a summary step by step explanation see How to add quickLinks to a Map If you just want a to try it, then you can […]

Google API

Adding markers to Google Maps from Excel

We’ve already looked at how to geoCode addresses using various APIs. Now lets look at using Google Maps to put markers on a Map using an Excel worksheet as input. As usual you can find the […]

Google API

Web Services

Interacting with APIs This site uses a lot of calls to Google APIs in order to connect Excel to web applications. There are a number of custom classes used everywhere such as  Data Manipulation Classes and Excel […]

Apps Script & Java Script

Mapping the demo

By the time that A gigantic pub crawl gets here, then various components will have suggested pubs inside an area and declared pub crawls. We can use the Maps API to work out the optimal route between […]

Cloud Functions

Using Google Maps API with Google cloud functions

If you are thinking about using Google Cloud functions (and you should), you may be wondering how to use things like Google Maps in the context of cloud functions. Well, cloud functions allow you to run Node.js […]

Google API

Overlaying circles and heatmaps

Overlaying shapes on markers  Try it out first ? If you just want a to try it, then you can download an example application (googleMapping.xlsm) and come back here later. First you should take a look at Adding markers […]

Google API

Data Driven Mapping applications

Deprecated Google has now stopped its Earth API and Maps API is a paid for API nowadays. Some capabilities have also been either removed or changed. Therefore, I had to remove all examples of VizMap […]

Google API


If you are a ‘recursion newbie’, you may want to first read Getting started with recursion, or take a look at a real, but simple example with How to traverse a treeview Getting to grips with recursion […]


Coloring maps and other shapes

In Using Google Maps I covered how to create various web based interactive maps. Of course many would like to use Excel to create maps, and the topic of chorpleth maps, has been covered many times by […]