NOTE – as of 20 Nov 2017, Ephemeral exchange is migrating to a Firestore/ Firebase cloud function back end. See Migrating from App Engine to Cloud function

The REST API interface is pretty straightforward, so you can recreate this with UrlFetch if you like. However this packages all the things you can do from the client in a simple library, and is has same call formats as the JavaScript version.

Where to get it

You can include the library in your project – the key is 


or get a copy here from Github



Most of the demos and libraries mentioned in these pages are available in their own GitHub repo, but for convenience, there is a consolidated repo where I’ll push all the associated code. If you’d like to contribute, please make a PR there.


Before starting

You’ll need to get a boss key. If you want to play with the tests below (or on github). You can get a boss key by visiting the API home, registering, and creating one in the Console. I also recommend you take a look at the tutorial there to get a feel for some of the concepts.


This is a series of tests that exercise the common functions available in the library.  Check the log file for which Urls the requests are turned into. 


For more like this, see Google Apps Scripts snippets.


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